Thursday, February 9, 2012

PicoBong Honi Review

For my first sponsored review by the sex positive community Babeland I was given the Honi by PicoBong. This cute little toy is an oval, elongated egg style vibrator that has an added retrieval cord at the base of it. This toy comes in several bright colors, and is great for beginners.

This toy comes in a small box that isn't extremely discreet, but it would be fine to wrap and give as a gift. It comes with very in depth instructions, which you may need to read over in order to get this toy to work the way that you want it to. The box itself doesn't have any naked women or lewd language on it, but the front is simply a transparent window with images describing the features of the toy.
The vibrator also comes with a cute little die. This has a picture of all of the different PicoBong vibrators on each side, so if you had them all you could essentially roll the die to decide which one you were going to play with.
The vibrator itself is waterproof and made of smooth plastic. No part of the toy has any give to it at all, which allows for you to put more pressure where it counts. Because of the oblong shape, you can easily use this for more pinpoint stimulation or use the entire side of the toy. This makes it more versatile.

I have found that the vibrations are located mainly in the body of the toy, but the travel to the tip of the toy very well. If you have a lot of trouble with toys numbing your fingers you may want to be careful how firmly and long you hold this toy, but the vibrations are fairly buzzy and are about 2.5 out of 5 in strength.

I have used this toy in the shower and submerged it to clean it, so I can vouch for it being completely waterproof. The main issue I have with this toy is that the Picobong logo is super hard to clean. It's a depressed logo on the side of the toy, that also incorporates the buttons. The best way I've found to clean it is to utilize an old toothbrush.

There are quite a few different settings to this toy. There are at least 5 different speeds that increase as you push the + button, and then if you hold down the + button you can get to several different ramping functions and patterns of varying intensity. My one qualm about this design is that it's a real pain and takes two fingers to get into the patterns

This toy has a retrieval cord, but I wouldn't recommend it for anal use just in case. (Babeland also carries a large amount of anal-safe vibrators if that's what you're shopping for.) You can insert this toy and leave it in, which is great for a warm up or for public play, and it's easy to remove because of the cord. On high it's a 1.5 out of 5 on the volume scale, so it may not be safe to wear in a library but a public area would completely cover any noise.
All in all, I would recommend this to a friend who was looking for something small and compact, but who didn't need a lot of intense vibrations and didn't mind the difficult to press buttons. It's a very high quality toy and I really like it, but I feel like there are some minor design flaws in the buttons and the embossing that make use and care a bit more difficult than needed be.

Noise-  1.5/5
Power- 2.5/5
Patterns- Yes
Waterproof- Yes
Overall Rating- 4/5 


  1. Great review! Thanks so much! I won a Mahana on the picabong website and really want to getmy hands on a honi too! Hope you enjoyed ;)

  2. Grrrr!!!! There are days when I am uber jealous of people who live in the States!!! So many options for toy reviews!!!

    Nice review!