Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LoverS Rendezvous Kit Review

My friends over at Body Jungle sent me two new things to review, and this is the first of them. I picked this kit because, mainly, I like kits. It's hard to find a kit, though, that's made of good materials and isn't made for people who don't have a lot to compare it to. The LoverS kit by Evolved Novelties seemed to have everything a romantic night needed, while still being quality and cheap.

Like all Body Jungle products, it came in super discreet packaging and got to me super quickly. They use only plain brown boxes and very generic shipping labels, so there's no way anyone can tell what's in the box. Body Jungle also has a deal going where you get free shipping on any order over $79.

The kit itself comes in a small domed case. There is a label that covers almost the entirety of it, but the very tip and base are transparent. It also has a metal loop on the top to hold/hang it by. It's made of hard plastic that's tough enough to be tossed into a bag, though you shouldn't drop it or it could crack.

The label is pink and classy, and the background of the text has roses on it. It's informative and tells you what you're getting, so if you want something discreet it may not be the best packaging. As long as the recipient is okay getting a 'romance' kit you should be fine wrapping this up or adding it to a gift basket.

In this kit you have a small vibrator, lubricant, a vibrating ring, a condom, 'romance dice,' a condom, rose petals, and an electric candle. I'm gonna be going through all of the contents individually.


The toy that comes with this set is actually entirely unique. It's not something that Evolved sells separate,  which I find both neat and a bit confusing because it seems like a solid vibrator. It's black and entirely made of a black, hard plastic. It takes one AA battery.

At just over 4 inches long and about 2 inches around at the widest point, this is a pretty small toy. It's a great size and material for traveling with, and it's not going to scare off any new or inexperienced users. You can insert about 3 inches of the toy, but you should not use it at all for anal play because it has no flared base or retrieval cord.

Used externally, this is great for clitoral stimulation or other erogenous zones. You can use it during intercourse, though it's not the best length to not get in the way. It's best use is for foreplay.

On high it's about 3/5 in power and 2/5 in volume. Especially for foreplay, this is going to be enough power for most people, though less sensitive users will be bored easily with it. You control it with the small twist-base, and it has a good variety of power levels.

Here's a picture of the toy VS a pen:

The Ring

The cock ring that comes with this toy is made of Jelly material. This is porous, so you shouldn't switch partners with it. It's SUPER stretchy, and the material is very soft. It's pink, as well, and is very pretty to look at.

This will fit just about anyone's penis. It easily stretches over a soda can, so unless you're hung like a dinosaur you should be fine. Because it's so stretchy it doesn't function super well as a conventional cock ring, as in constricting blood flow to harden an erection and prolong orgasm.

The little bullet that sits in the ring is fairly cheap in quality, but can be replaced by a better bullet if you so chose. You also can't replace the batteries. On the one setting I'd rate the bullet a 2/5 in power and 1/5 in volume, so it's not going to bring anyone over the edge on it's own, but it certainly adds some light stimulation to intercourse.

The ring VS a pen:

The ring stretched:

The Candle

The candle that comes with this kit actually really impressed me. It's quality plastic, and the battery can be replaced for a long life span. While it's not going to light up much of the room it gives off a pleasant, orange glow.

You control the candle with a small switch on the base. It has one setting, which is a consistent light. Because it doesn't flicker it's not as realistic as other candles, but it does fit in all traditional tea light holders if you want to use it to dress up a room.

Here's the light VS a pen:
The lube:

The lube that came with this kit also pleasantly surprised me. It's a full fluid ounce of the System JO water based lube in a super quality, classy bottle. Usually kits send you some crappy, name brand lube but Evolved splurged and sent you some of the good stuff.

With a pop-top it's easy to use, and I haven't had any issues with this leaking. After I use up the lube in it I will for sure be re-using the bottle and filling it up with my favorite, natural lube. The ingredients are as follows:

Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Glycerin, Purified Water

You should always do a spot-test before you use any new kind of product, and those sensitive to glycerin or parabens should just wash out the tube and re-use it. The product itself has no scent, and has an unpleasant sweet taste. It's compatible with all types of toys.

Here's the lube VS a pen:

The dice did not thrill me, and they really aren't going to get any use as far as we are concerned. They seem more for a couple that hasn't been together very long, and in our 3 and a half year long relationship we really don't need an excuse to kiss eachother all over.

The dice themselves are pink and about an inch and a half long on each edge. There is one die that tells you what to do, and one that tells you where to do it. Most rolls come up as something strange like "Kiss-- ears" and "Oil up-- lips", and each die have one side with the suggestive answer "Your choice." While they're good for each gender, they do look very feminine.

Here's one of them VS a pen:
The Condom

Now the condom is made by Paradise brand, which I have never heard of before. It's a basic 'one size fits all' condom made of latex, and isn't colored or flavored. It's all around similar to the free ones found in bowls around my campus.

This personally won't be getting any use because my boyfriend doesn't like condoms that aren't 'ours,' meaning from a reputable source or brand. For now we'll be sticking to our favorites.

Here's the condom VS a pen:

The Petals

The petals that come with this set are made of stiff, red cloth. They don't feel silky like real rose petals, but they're also cheaper and don't mind getting rolled all over. They don't feel scratchy against the skin, but they also aren't particularly silky.

I'd estimate that you get about 30 rose petals in this kit. It's enough to certainly cover a table or the pillows, but it may not be enough to cover a large bed unless you just want a few, subtle accents. You can wash them off with water and let them dry, but you shouldn't toss them into the washing machine.

Here's a petal VS a pen:
The kit overall

Overall, this is an AWESOME kit for the price. You get a lot of different things, and it's really cute to give as a gift to a happy couple. The things included are all either higher quality than I thought or on par with what I assumed I'd get for the price.

While this does seem to be aimed towards cis-gendered couples (male-female), lesbians can ignore the cock ring and gay couples can use everything as intended, just not inserting the vibrator anally. If you know you're going to be giving it to a lesbian couple you also can go in and replace the condom with a dental dam if you're giving it as a gift.

If this set seems like something you're interested in, you can find it right here. If you're looking for something else, Body Jungle has a lot more toys and kits that are cheap and offer a lot of different varieties.

Power: (toy) 3/5, (ring) 2/5
Volume: (toy) 2/5, (ring) 1/5
Waterproof? (toy) Yes, (ring) No
Recommended? Yes