Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toyfriend Mini Rebel Black Review

Because Babeland is awesome, they let me request to review the Toyfriend Mini Rebel Black. I liked the Toyfriend Bubbly so much (you can read my review here) that I thought that the smaller line was at least worth a try. It's a solid toy, but it didn't rock my world.

Like all packages that I've gotten from Babeland, this toy came in a discreet, brown box. The label said nothing about being a sex toy, and it wasn't rattling around or anything. I would highly recommend Babeland as far as discreetness goes, because no one wants their post man knowing when they are getting new vibrators mail-order.

Upon opening the box, I found that this Toyfriend had the same cute packaging that the other two Toyfriends I own came in. The front of the box is almost entirely comprised of a window where you can see your new toy. On the back is some basic information and care instructions, and on the side of the box is the lettering "I vibrate!"

This isn't the most discreet box, but it would still be a fine toy to wrap and give as a gift. It has no naked women or lewd sayings on it, so unless they're shy about the toy itself it's not going to give a bad impression. I really wouldn't recommend storing this toy in the box because it's a LOT bigger than my Mini Toyfriend.

Here's a picture of the front:
And the back:
The toy itself is fairly small, and has a rounded head. I was drawn to this shape over the other Mini Toyfriends because I'm less of a fan of the 'tickler' or 'rabbit ear' style and more a fan of broader clitoral stimulation. Between the three, I feel like one of the shapes will be to your liking.

The Mini Rebel itself is about 5 inches long, but how much of that is insertable is up to debate. Technically you could insert about 4.5 inches and still have enough of the handle to hold on to, so it's fairly short compared to a lot of toys out there.

Girth wise, this vibrator is also 'mini.' It's no wider than an inch around, even at the rounded tip. This is great for people who want to use it for light insertion, and it's also a nice size for external play. If you're a size queen this little guy isn't going to be for you, but if you're looking for something that won't intimidate the user this is certainly a good bet.

As far as using toys anally, I wouldn't recommend this toy. It doesn't have a flared base or a real handle so I can see it turning into a trip to the ER unless you're a very experienced user. The good news is that Babeland still offers a lot of cute toys that ARE anal safe.

The head of this vibrator comes out at a bit of an angle that is a nice shape for insertion, and it's not likely to get caught on your pubic bone like some more drastically curved toys. While it didn't do it for me personally, I think that it just depends on how you're built.

Here's the Rebel VS a pen:
And here's a picture of the head, and of the flexibility:

Being made of silicone this sex toy is nonporous and body safe. Silicone is a great material because it's not going to degrade on you or cause infection. You can also disinfect this toy by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. This should be done every time you switch users in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection.

As you can see above, the Mini Rebel really doesn't have a whole lot of give to it. For this reason it may not be the best introduction into insertable toys, but it is nice for external use because you can put a fair amount of pressure behind it.

Now on to the functions. This toy only has one setting, unlike it's larger Toyfriend buddies. The one setting is activated by pressing the button on the bottom, and it is deactivated by pressing the button again. The button isn't in a place where it's easy to press during use, which is always good.

The setting is about 2/5 in power and 1/5 in volume. This is a perfect vibrator if you're needing something that can't even be heard across the room, and it's impossible for anyone to know you're playing with it if your door's shut. On the other hand, the vibrations are VERY weak. They are fairly rumbly, but I personally find myself wanting more and I'm a total wimp when it comes to power.

One nice thing is that this Mini Toyfriend is entirely waterproof. It takes one N sized battery (which is thankfully included) and I haven't found any water in the battery compartment after using it in the shower and submerging it to clean it.

Here is an image of the battery compartment open:

Overall, the Mini Rebel is best for those looking for something small, simple, and fairly weak. It's not going to scare your partner off if you're looking to introduce toys into a relationship, but at the same time I would recommend a toy with several power levels in case you end up wanting them.

If you're really liking how the Mini Toyfriend sounds you can hop on over to Babeland and pick one up for yourself by clicking on this link. If you're thinking that it's going to leave you wanting more, especially for toys in that price range, Babeland offers a whole lot of toys with different shapes, volumes, and intensities.

Power: 2/5
Volume: 1/5
Waterproof? Yes
Recommended? Not really
Rating: 3/5

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Femblossom Heat Massager Review

When Our Naughty Secrets said that they were sending me a cool new toy that seemed to be the only one of it's kind, I got ecstatic. I couldn't wait for the package to come with my new surprise toy, and when I got it I wasn't disappointed. After receiving the  (always discreet) box from ONS, inside I found a shiny, new Femblossom Heat by Emotional Bliss.

This product comes in a small, white box with a picture of the toy on the front. On the back is an explanation of the toy, it's features, and a blurb about the company. The company that makes these essentially decided to come together with some physician and make a line of badass toys for their customers because they felt like there weren't enough classy as get-out vibrators, and thus the Emotional Bliss line was born.

You could keep your Femblossom Heat in the box, but it's a bit larger than the toy itself. I would recommend keeping it in a cool, dark place with the rest of your collection and avoiding getting it moist at all costs. It's also a bit of a lint magnet, so you should keep it apart from fabrics that shed a lot.

Here's a picture of the front and back of the box:

It's discreet enough and classy enough that I wouldn't hesitate to wrap it up and give it as a gift. It would be a great bridal or wedding gift, especially if you knew that they would be open to receiving something like this.

The Femblossom Heat is made of plastic. The white plastic is very firm and has no give or drag to it at all. The pad area that is colored has a bit more drag and give to it, and claims to be antibacterial. According to the manufacturer it releases silver ions to kill bacteria every time it comes in contact with water. I have only used it several times, but I don't see any degradation of material from this process yet.

The vibrator itself is fairly large and bulky, which can be both a pro and a con. At over 7 inches long and 3 inches wide, it can cover a lot of surface area. If you're someone who is into toys that can cover and vibrate your entire labia and clitoral area, this will be ideal for you.

On the other hand, you also can use the pointy tip for clitoral-only stimulation. It's a great length and shape that you can use this as a couple during intercourse, and it's ergonomic enough that you won't get a cramp trying to maneuver this during solo play.

Here's a picture of the Femblossom next to a pen and a closeup of the pad:

The Femblossom massager is controlled by a button panel on the other side of the toy. It's also made of the same antibacterial plastic, which is cool. There are three buttons on this side of the toy; an on button, and off button, and a power button. You press the power button once to turn it on low, and then the settings are as follows. The heat also depends on the setting, so I will be stating the heat and the vibration intensity as the manual says them:

Low (80 Hz, 95 deg. F)
Medium (120 Hz, 107 deg. F)
High (150 Hz, 122 deg. F)
Low BZZZ BZZZ (80 Hz, 95 deg. F)
Medium BZZZ BZZZ  (120 Hz, 107 deg. F)
High BZZZ BZZZ (150 Hz, 122 deg. F)
bbbbBBBBZZZ (120 Hz, 107 deg. F)
bbbbBBBZZZBBBbbbb  (120 Hz, 107 deg. F)
BZZ BZZ BZZZZZ (120 Hz, 107 deg. F)

Here's a picture of the buttons:

One thing that is a bit less convenient about this toy is that you have to let it 'warm up' for about 15 minutes. This is tough, especially when you might only have 30 minutes or so of guaranteed privacy,  so you should take that into account when considering this toy.

On the other hand, the Femblossom Heat also has a 4 hour run time (give or take depending on how hard you run it) so the 15 minute heating time isn't a big deal. When I first read that I became concerned because I know some toys only run for 45 minutes, but you don't have to worry about that.

In order to charge this one up you have to let it sit plugged in for 12 hours. When it's charging the little logo that lights up glows and fades slowly, and you know that it's all charged up when it stops glowing. The glowing light isn't so bright that it's very noticeable, and the pulsing when it's charging isn't going to be annoying if you're trying to sleep.

This vibrator is rechargeable, and it's easy to just plug in and go. The port has no covering at all on it, so it's no way waterproof or splashproof. This also means that it's a bit tough to clean, but you just need to wipe it down with a damp cloth and dry it off well before storing.

Here's a picture of the port:

The Femblossom Heat is one of those vibrators that are AWESOME... But not awesome for me. It's not waterproof, and it's very loud to boot. On the lowest setting it's about 2/5 on the volume scale, and on high it's about 4/5. The powerful vibrations will make up for the volume for a lot of people, but not for me when I live in the dorms.

If this seems like a shape and design that would work for you, go for it! I have to say that having a toy heat up really makes it feel nice. Especially in the cold spring we're currently having, I wish that I was in a situation where I could curl up with this every night.

If you're loving the looks of this you can find the Femblossom Heat by Emotional Bliss right here. If you're looking for something a bit less loud, more waterproof, insertable, or whatever criteria you have for a toy I can guarantee that Our Naughty Secrets will have something lovely to float your boat, so check them out!

Power: 4/5
Volume: 4/5
Waterproof? No
Recommended? Yes
Total Rating: 4/5

Pleasurists 174

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Layaspot by Fun Factory Review

When I had the opportunity to suggest a few things that I would like to review at Our Naughty Secrets, the Layaspot was something that caught my eye. I had seen it around for sure, and I knew that Fun Factory was a reputable brand. Having my favorite dildo and several awesome vibrators that came from Fun Factory, I figured that I may as well give it a whirl!

The Layaspot listed on the factory website does come in a lot of different colors, but Our Naughty Secrets stocks it in silver and red. The good news is that Our Naughty Secrets is open to ordering things from their suppliers for you (more on that in a later review) so if you have your heart set on a different color they can order it.

I got the Layaspot in a very discreet package, like everything that I've ever gotten from Our Naughty Secrets. The label just reads that it's from "ONS," which could mean that you ordered anything. There's no way that anyone can tell that you have something sexy in the box.

The box that the Layaspot comes in itself is fairly small and isn't very flashy. There is a window in the front where the toy is clearly visible, and the cardboard of the box is gray with colored and black writing. The back panel also opens up so that you can see the other side of the toy. The flaps that open on the other side have a bit more information on the product and talk about the material and batteries.

There is also an instruction pamphlet that comes with the Layaspot in a ton of different languages. This makes it a great gift not only for those English and German speakers, but for just about everyone. The instructions are a bit 'Engrish' at some points, but they're easy enough to decipher.

The box is a bit larger than the toy itself, and it's also a bit hard to open and close. Because of that I wouldn't suggest this to store the toy in, especially if you're planning on using it often. The packaging is nice enough to wrap and give as a gift, but it doesn't look super high quality.

Here's a picture of the box:

The Layaspot also comes with a sample of the Fun Factory lube, Bodyfluid. This is really just enough for one session of play, but it's a great, long lasting lube. It's nothing that's going to make or break the toy, but extras are always nice.
The toy itself is listed as being made of "Elastomed" which is a thermoplastic elastomer. It's not as nice as silicone, but it's still a very safe material to make toys out of. It's also very firm, and no part of this toy has any give to it at all sans the control buttons.

This material can also be used in conjunction with other toys without fear of it reacting. Similarly you can also use both water and silicone based lubes with the Layaspot. Along with other basic care you can wipe this toy down with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect it, which you should do every time you switch users.

This toy is a nice size and is super easy to maneuver. It has two sides to it, one that is plastic where the batteries are inserted and one that is colored where the vibrations are the strongest. While it's not the most pin-point toy, if you're into more broad stimulation you will for sure like the Layaspot.

The Layaspot is almost entirely supposed to be used for external stimulation. It's really not a good or safe shape for either anal or vaginal insertion. You can however use it on the clitoris, the nipples, use it on the testicles, or any other erogenous zone you think sounds fun to try. This is also a fairly nice toy to use for all-over body massage as long as you don't need a lot of power.

Here are a few pictures of the Layaspot compared to a pen:

This toy has such a nice curve that it's sold by Fun Factory as a 'lay on' vibrator. This means that essentially you can just place it on your body and have some hands-free fun. I personally couldn't really get enough pressure and it at the right angle for this to work, but I came close when I had it tucked into my panties. Here's a simulation of how it fits against a woman's anatomy with my hand:
As far as vibrations go, this toy is okay. I am used to Fun Factorys deep, rumbly vibrations and this one has fairly buzzy, high pitched vibrations. You control the vibrations by pressing the small key-pad on the top of the toy. There is a plus and a minus button on the key pad.

In order to turn this toy on you have to press and hold the plus button. At first I thought that this toy was broken, but in reality you just have to press and hold the button for a few seconds longer than it feels like you 'should.'

After this toy turns on it's on the very lowest setting. This is super low, but when you press the + button again it turns on to a higher setting. You can continue to press or just hold down the + button until you get to the setting you want to use, and then let go.

On high this toy is about 2.5/5 for noise and 3.5/5 for power. It's not the quietest toy out there, but it couldn't be heard over the public showers which is all that matters to me. If you have super thin walls or someone listens at your door you might want a tad bit of background noise, but it should be okay otherwise.

I feel like this will be enough power for most women to be happy with, myself included. I found that about halfway to the highest setting was perfect for me, but I am a bit more sensitive than most. This type of adjustable setting is especially good for those who need to work up to more powerful settings or beginners who don't know how much power that they're going to want in a toy.

Here's a picture of the buttons:
While I don't dislike this toy, I also don't feel like it's really Fun Factory quality or worth the price point. I am used to silky silicone and deep vibrations from Fun Factory, and this toy was just too buzzy for me and I just wasn't into the material.

I try and go into every sponsored review like I had spent my own hard-saved money on a toy, and if I got this in the mail I would have been a bit bummed. The material just doesn't feel quality, and the seams look a bit unfinished in some areas. Especially since I just reviewed to Couture Collection Sublime that sells for just $10 more, this doesn't hold a candle to that one.

If you're still loving how this toy sounds, you can find it here! If you're like me and would prefer something a bit different, Our Naughty Secrets has some spectacular prices and toys for you to look at, and they're just a great little store all around.

While I wouldn't suggest this toy, I also am not hating on it. There have been some toys that I just want to toss out the window, but this is a toy I just want to put back into my drawer. It has it's upsides like the many different settings of intensities and waterproof capabilities, but it just doesn't seem worth it to me.

Noise: 2.5/5
Power: 3.5/5
Waterproof? Yes
Recommended? Eh
Overall rating: 3.5/5

Friday, April 6, 2012

Couture Collection Sublime Review

As well as the recent Bgee I reviewed, Our Naughty Secrets decided that they wanted to send me something else new to review. I had this sex toy on my wishlist because I had heard a lot of good things about this line, and frankly it just looked awesome. The Couture Collection Sublime is certainly one heck of a vibe!

Like all of the Our Naughty Secrets shipments I've gotten, this toy came in a brown, discreet box. It was packaged with brown paper to keep it from tumbling around, as well. Something that's always important to me (because I get my packages delivered at home) is that the label of this box reads "ONS," which could stand for anything. No one's going to be able to tell what you've ordered.

When I pulled this out of the box I was like "I didn't ask for anything like this!" The packaging it comes in is HUGE! The good news is that the toy itself is 'normal' sized, just the box is abnormal. Because of the size I would not recommend the packaging for storage because it's just too darned large! It's at least 7 times larger than the toy itself, so it's not convenient at all.

The packaging aesthetic wise is very nice. On the front cover is the toy that you received against a white/blue 'aquatic' background. It also states the name of the line in cursive letters. The back has some basic information about the line and the toy, such as the brand and some specs like the battery type, but it's not super informative.

You can open up the front flap of the box to see the toy and to read even more information about it. This is where you can learn about the material, the functions, and re-read a bit about the line of toys. This would be great to display in a store. While it's huge, it's not a bad box to wrap and give as a gift. It has no naked women or lewd saying on it, but it's also not the most discreet. Here's a picture of the front and the flap of the box:
The vibrator itself is made entirely out of silicone. Silicone is nonporous and body safe, meaning that microbes can't get inside of it and thrive, and that it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. You can wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect it, and this should be done every time you plan on switching users or orifices to prevent the spread of infection.

This vibrator is quite a bit larger than what I'm used to, but it's also very versatile. The insertable part of this toy is about 7 inches long, but it is also over 5 inches around at the girthiest area. This makes for a toy that's perfect for those that want a lot of girth, especially at their entrance, but it might scare off sex toy newbies.

The Sublime is intended to be inserted, and has a slight g-spot curve to it. If you're one of those girls who needs a very sharp, firm g-spot toy this isn't going to hit the mark, but I personally can hit my g-spot quite well with it. It also has 'waves' in the shaft that make insertion feel very different from any toy I've had the pleasure of using before. 

The thing about this toy is that it's actually also very effective for external stimulation. The curved rounded tip on this toy is a great shape to use on the clitoris, and the ridges are very stimulating when you run them between your vulva. What makes this even better is that the vibrations transfer incredibly well to the tip for fairly pinpoint vibrations.

Anally, this is okay for use but not great. You can easily insert the first few 'ridges' safely, but after that it would be best for more practiced anal players not only because it doesn't have a flared base but also because of the large size. While I wouldn't highly recommend it for anal play, you could do it if you have had a lot of practice. If you're looking at these pictures and thinking "No way!" Our Naughty Secrets also has a collection of more anal friendly toys.

Here is a picture of the two sides of the toy:

Here's a picture of the 'waves' (pardon the bad contrast):
And here's a picture showing the flexibility:
So enough about how it looks and the size, how does this toy do as a vibrator?

My answer? Very, very well. I personally am a huge fan of deep, rumbly vibrations in my toys. The Sublime is one of the rumbliest I own, and I have several Fun Factory and Jopen vibrators. I think it's a combination of the thick silicone and the deep motor, but the vibrations really penetrate the surface of wherever you're using this toy.

This toy is controlled by two buttons: a power button and a settings button. When you press the power button the light turns on to let you know that your toy is on, and then you have to press the settings button in order to get it to start vibrating. You press the button to cycle through all the settings, and then you can press the power button to turn it off at any time. The settings are as follows:

1) Low
2) Medium
3) High

And here is a picture of the two buttons:

On high this toy is about 3.5/5 in power and 2.5/5 in volume. It can almost be heard over the public showers, but it can't be heard through the door or through a thin wall. If you live with others this is still quiet enough to be discreet.

I really like that you can work up from a low setting to a high setting, and deep, rumbly patterns are something that make me super happy in a toy. If you need a ton of power in your toys this might not be the one for you, but this vibrator has enough oomph to get the 'average' woman off for sure.

Another thing that I love about this toy is that it's 100% waterproof... If you let it air dry before you open the battery compartment up. There is a thick rubber o-ring around where the battery connector is that seals water out from the electrical bits, but the large area of the battery compartment isn't waterproof, so if there is water trapped in the large compartment formed by the battery cap it could get into the wiring of the toy if you open it while it is still wet.

Here's a picture of the battery compartment:
Overall, the Sublime is a great vibrator. When I first took it out of the box I was surprised at how large and hefty it is, and not being able to take much girth I was afraid that I'd find this super uncomfortable to insert. Gosh I was wrong! In my large collection of sex toys this is now in my top 10.

The reason that I like this so much is that I have a fairly shallow g-spot, so I only have to insert it up until the third 'bump' which is a bit under 4 inches around. If I only insert it that much I can still use it to thrust against my g-spot, but I'm not left feeling stretched. If you have a deeper g-spot and don't like girth you might have more problems that I do, but as it is this is a great toy for me.

If you're thinking that this sounds like a delicious toy for you, you can find it here at Our Naughty Secrets. If you're a but underwhelmed with this toy, on the other hand, I still recommend checking out their site because they have a wide variety of other sex toys and their prices are unbelievable!

Volume: 2.5/5
Power: 3.5/5
Waterproof? Yes
Recommended? Yes
Total rating: 5/5

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pleasurists 173

Photo by Lucy*

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Pleasurists adult product review round-up

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bgee by Bswish Review

The awesome people at Our Naughty Secrets recently sent me this super neat toy to review. If you've been following my reviews for a while on my other site, you know that I really like my Bgood Deluxe but was less impressed by my Bgee Deluxe. I was hoping that the original Bgee would suit my body better, and I was right.

The Bgee by Bswish comes in packaging that seems standard for the brand. Their toys all come in sleek, black boxes. On the front of the box is an image of a woman, but it's not very lewd or suggestive. This would be a fine toy to wrap up and give as a gift.

Inside the packaging is an insert with some more instructions for the toy. The box doesn't give much information, so these come in handy if you're not used to using sex toys. They  mainly focus on how to insert the batteries, but they do state it in at least 10 different languages.

Also inside the box is a sexy black insert. This holds your toy and the storage bag it comes with, and keeps them from rattling around in the box. You can certainly store your Bgee in here, but it's a better idea to keep it in the storage pouch, especially if you plan to use it regularly.

Here's an image of the front of the box:

 And the back:
 And the insert:
The vibrator itself is about 7 inches long in total. While it's pretty lengthy, the small girth, under 3 inches around at the widest point, still makes it small enough not to be intimidating. If you're not used to penetration or you're like me and not the fondest of girth, this is a great toy to use. Below is a picture of the Bgee compared to a pen:
The Bgee is a vibrator that's intended to be used for g-spot stimulation. The reason that the head is bent at an angle is that it's supposed to bend around your pubic bone and put light pressure where you need it. It's got a fairly small head for fairly pinpoint g-spot thrusting, and the long neck makes it possible to hit your g-spot no matter how elusive it is.

You also can use the Bgee for clitoral stimulation. It's especially good if you're looking for a toy to use between you and your partner during intercourse. Due to the long neck it's easy to position and maneuver, and you don't have to get your hands in the way like you would with a smaller toy.

The Bgee is also fairly anal safe. While you should be careful no matter what, the long neck makes this very easy to hold on to. While using this toy anally you should never let go and just leave it in there because it has no flared base.

Here is a closeup of the angle of the head:
As far as functions go, this vibrator is fairly powerful. If you need a powerhouse Our Naughty Secrets sells some stronger toys, but this one only gets a 3/5 as far as power goes. Because the vibrations are more focused at the tip it is good for pinpoint stimulation, and I still feel like it's going to be enough power for the 'average' person.

You control the vibrations by a small wheel at the base. The wheel has some small grooves carved out of it so that you can turn it more easily. The grooves are good because they make it so you don't accidentally unscrew the base trying to change the settings. The lowest setting is a bit under 1/5 on the power scale, and the highest is 3/5, so you can work up to a stronger setting if you need to.

Noise wise, this isn't the quietest vibrator I own. It's about a 3/5 on the volume, so you can hear it through thin walls and if you're listening at my door, but if you turn the TV on it's easily covered up. It's also not going to wake the neighbors, and you can't hear it if you're on the other side of the house or anything.

Something I really appreciate about the Bgee is that it's waterproof. I personally do all of my playing in the dorm showers, so being able to use it without worrying about getting it wet is a load off my mind. It's also a huge plus when it comes time to clean the toy because you can just run the whole thing under the faucet.

The Bgee is made entirely of hard plastic. Plastic is nonporous and body safe, which means that bacteria can't get inside the material and thrive (thus spreading infection) and that the material doesn't contain  any gross chemicals that can leak into your body.

Plastic is also compatible with all lubes and other materials. The one real downside to a plastic sex toy is that it is very rigid, and if you're not careful you can end up bruising yourself on accident (or by your partner getting to enthusiastic).

I wash this toy with an antibacterial toy cleaner, but you also can use soap and water or a toy wipe. If you plan on either switching orifices or users you should wipe this down thoroughly with a 10% bleach solution in order to disinfect it. This will prevent the spread of bacteria (or STDs)  though the toy.

Something that I always like about Bswish toys is that they all come with their own storage pouch. This helps to keep the toys clean and out of harms way, and it's ideal to use when traveling or tossing the toy into your purse. Here's a picture of the bag compared to the Bgee:

Overall, I really like my Bgee. It's so versatile, and the curve is just enough to get my g-spot but not enough to bruise me or catch on my pubic bone when thrusting. I feel like it's a super high quality toy, and being waterproof takes the cake. I am giving this toy a 4.5/5 rating just because it's a bit too loud for me to use on high in my living situation and I feel like it might distract a lot of users.

If you're about to run out the door and Google 'Bgee,' you can just click here to see the product page. If you're not thinking that this is the toy for you, you can still check out the Our Naughty Secrets website to see what they have that IS up your alley. Trust me, it's an awesome site and their prices are AWESOME!

Noise: 3/5
Power: 3/5
Waterproof: Yes
Recommended: Yes
Total rating: 4.5/5