Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Layaspot by Fun Factory Review

When I had the opportunity to suggest a few things that I would like to review at Our Naughty Secrets, the Layaspot was something that caught my eye. I had seen it around for sure, and I knew that Fun Factory was a reputable brand. Having my favorite dildo and several awesome vibrators that came from Fun Factory, I figured that I may as well give it a whirl!

The Layaspot listed on the factory website does come in a lot of different colors, but Our Naughty Secrets stocks it in silver and red. The good news is that Our Naughty Secrets is open to ordering things from their suppliers for you (more on that in a later review) so if you have your heart set on a different color they can order it.

I got the Layaspot in a very discreet package, like everything that I've ever gotten from Our Naughty Secrets. The label just reads that it's from "ONS," which could mean that you ordered anything. There's no way that anyone can tell that you have something sexy in the box.

The box that the Layaspot comes in itself is fairly small and isn't very flashy. There is a window in the front where the toy is clearly visible, and the cardboard of the box is gray with colored and black writing. The back panel also opens up so that you can see the other side of the toy. The flaps that open on the other side have a bit more information on the product and talk about the material and batteries.

There is also an instruction pamphlet that comes with the Layaspot in a ton of different languages. This makes it a great gift not only for those English and German speakers, but for just about everyone. The instructions are a bit 'Engrish' at some points, but they're easy enough to decipher.

The box is a bit larger than the toy itself, and it's also a bit hard to open and close. Because of that I wouldn't suggest this to store the toy in, especially if you're planning on using it often. The packaging is nice enough to wrap and give as a gift, but it doesn't look super high quality.

Here's a picture of the box:

The Layaspot also comes with a sample of the Fun Factory lube, Bodyfluid. This is really just enough for one session of play, but it's a great, long lasting lube. It's nothing that's going to make or break the toy, but extras are always nice.
The toy itself is listed as being made of "Elastomed" which is a thermoplastic elastomer. It's not as nice as silicone, but it's still a very safe material to make toys out of. It's also very firm, and no part of this toy has any give to it at all sans the control buttons.

This material can also be used in conjunction with other toys without fear of it reacting. Similarly you can also use both water and silicone based lubes with the Layaspot. Along with other basic care you can wipe this toy down with a 10% bleach solution to disinfect it, which you should do every time you switch users.

This toy is a nice size and is super easy to maneuver. It has two sides to it, one that is plastic where the batteries are inserted and one that is colored where the vibrations are the strongest. While it's not the most pin-point toy, if you're into more broad stimulation you will for sure like the Layaspot.

The Layaspot is almost entirely supposed to be used for external stimulation. It's really not a good or safe shape for either anal or vaginal insertion. You can however use it on the clitoris, the nipples, use it on the testicles, or any other erogenous zone you think sounds fun to try. This is also a fairly nice toy to use for all-over body massage as long as you don't need a lot of power.

Here are a few pictures of the Layaspot compared to a pen:

This toy has such a nice curve that it's sold by Fun Factory as a 'lay on' vibrator. This means that essentially you can just place it on your body and have some hands-free fun. I personally couldn't really get enough pressure and it at the right angle for this to work, but I came close when I had it tucked into my panties. Here's a simulation of how it fits against a woman's anatomy with my hand:
As far as vibrations go, this toy is okay. I am used to Fun Factorys deep, rumbly vibrations and this one has fairly buzzy, high pitched vibrations. You control the vibrations by pressing the small key-pad on the top of the toy. There is a plus and a minus button on the key pad.

In order to turn this toy on you have to press and hold the plus button. At first I thought that this toy was broken, but in reality you just have to press and hold the button for a few seconds longer than it feels like you 'should.'

After this toy turns on it's on the very lowest setting. This is super low, but when you press the + button again it turns on to a higher setting. You can continue to press or just hold down the + button until you get to the setting you want to use, and then let go.

On high this toy is about 2.5/5 for noise and 3.5/5 for power. It's not the quietest toy out there, but it couldn't be heard over the public showers which is all that matters to me. If you have super thin walls or someone listens at your door you might want a tad bit of background noise, but it should be okay otherwise.

I feel like this will be enough power for most women to be happy with, myself included. I found that about halfway to the highest setting was perfect for me, but I am a bit more sensitive than most. This type of adjustable setting is especially good for those who need to work up to more powerful settings or beginners who don't know how much power that they're going to want in a toy.

Here's a picture of the buttons:
While I don't dislike this toy, I also don't feel like it's really Fun Factory quality or worth the price point. I am used to silky silicone and deep vibrations from Fun Factory, and this toy was just too buzzy for me and I just wasn't into the material.

I try and go into every sponsored review like I had spent my own hard-saved money on a toy, and if I got this in the mail I would have been a bit bummed. The material just doesn't feel quality, and the seams look a bit unfinished in some areas. Especially since I just reviewed to Couture Collection Sublime that sells for just $10 more, this doesn't hold a candle to that one.

If you're still loving how this toy sounds, you can find it here! If you're like me and would prefer something a bit different, Our Naughty Secrets has some spectacular prices and toys for you to look at, and they're just a great little store all around.

While I wouldn't suggest this toy, I also am not hating on it. There have been some toys that I just want to toss out the window, but this is a toy I just want to put back into my drawer. It has it's upsides like the many different settings of intensities and waterproof capabilities, but it just doesn't seem worth it to me.

Noise: 2.5/5
Power: 3.5/5
Waterproof? Yes
Recommended? Eh
Overall rating: 3.5/5

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