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Bgee by Bswish Review

The awesome people at Our Naughty Secrets recently sent me this super neat toy to review. If you've been following my reviews for a while on my other site, you know that I really like my Bgood Deluxe but was less impressed by my Bgee Deluxe. I was hoping that the original Bgee would suit my body better, and I was right.

The Bgee by Bswish comes in packaging that seems standard for the brand. Their toys all come in sleek, black boxes. On the front of the box is an image of a woman, but it's not very lewd or suggestive. This would be a fine toy to wrap up and give as a gift.

Inside the packaging is an insert with some more instructions for the toy. The box doesn't give much information, so these come in handy if you're not used to using sex toys. They  mainly focus on how to insert the batteries, but they do state it in at least 10 different languages.

Also inside the box is a sexy black insert. This holds your toy and the storage bag it comes with, and keeps them from rattling around in the box. You can certainly store your Bgee in here, but it's a better idea to keep it in the storage pouch, especially if you plan to use it regularly.

Here's an image of the front of the box:

 And the back:
 And the insert:
The vibrator itself is about 7 inches long in total. While it's pretty lengthy, the small girth, under 3 inches around at the widest point, still makes it small enough not to be intimidating. If you're not used to penetration or you're like me and not the fondest of girth, this is a great toy to use. Below is a picture of the Bgee compared to a pen:
The Bgee is a vibrator that's intended to be used for g-spot stimulation. The reason that the head is bent at an angle is that it's supposed to bend around your pubic bone and put light pressure where you need it. It's got a fairly small head for fairly pinpoint g-spot thrusting, and the long neck makes it possible to hit your g-spot no matter how elusive it is.

You also can use the Bgee for clitoral stimulation. It's especially good if you're looking for a toy to use between you and your partner during intercourse. Due to the long neck it's easy to position and maneuver, and you don't have to get your hands in the way like you would with a smaller toy.

The Bgee is also fairly anal safe. While you should be careful no matter what, the long neck makes this very easy to hold on to. While using this toy anally you should never let go and just leave it in there because it has no flared base.

Here is a closeup of the angle of the head:
As far as functions go, this vibrator is fairly powerful. If you need a powerhouse Our Naughty Secrets sells some stronger toys, but this one only gets a 3/5 as far as power goes. Because the vibrations are more focused at the tip it is good for pinpoint stimulation, and I still feel like it's going to be enough power for the 'average' person.

You control the vibrations by a small wheel at the base. The wheel has some small grooves carved out of it so that you can turn it more easily. The grooves are good because they make it so you don't accidentally unscrew the base trying to change the settings. The lowest setting is a bit under 1/5 on the power scale, and the highest is 3/5, so you can work up to a stronger setting if you need to.

Noise wise, this isn't the quietest vibrator I own. It's about a 3/5 on the volume, so you can hear it through thin walls and if you're listening at my door, but if you turn the TV on it's easily covered up. It's also not going to wake the neighbors, and you can't hear it if you're on the other side of the house or anything.

Something I really appreciate about the Bgee is that it's waterproof. I personally do all of my playing in the dorm showers, so being able to use it without worrying about getting it wet is a load off my mind. It's also a huge plus when it comes time to clean the toy because you can just run the whole thing under the faucet.

The Bgee is made entirely of hard plastic. Plastic is nonporous and body safe, which means that bacteria can't get inside the material and thrive (thus spreading infection) and that the material doesn't contain  any gross chemicals that can leak into your body.

Plastic is also compatible with all lubes and other materials. The one real downside to a plastic sex toy is that it is very rigid, and if you're not careful you can end up bruising yourself on accident (or by your partner getting to enthusiastic).

I wash this toy with an antibacterial toy cleaner, but you also can use soap and water or a toy wipe. If you plan on either switching orifices or users you should wipe this down thoroughly with a 10% bleach solution in order to disinfect it. This will prevent the spread of bacteria (or STDs)  though the toy.

Something that I always like about Bswish toys is that they all come with their own storage pouch. This helps to keep the toys clean and out of harms way, and it's ideal to use when traveling or tossing the toy into your purse. Here's a picture of the bag compared to the Bgee:

Overall, I really like my Bgee. It's so versatile, and the curve is just enough to get my g-spot but not enough to bruise me or catch on my pubic bone when thrusting. I feel like it's a super high quality toy, and being waterproof takes the cake. I am giving this toy a 4.5/5 rating just because it's a bit too loud for me to use on high in my living situation and I feel like it might distract a lot of users.

If you're about to run out the door and Google 'Bgee,' you can just click here to see the product page. If you're not thinking that this is the toy for you, you can still check out the Our Naughty Secrets website to see what they have that IS up your alley. Trust me, it's an awesome site and their prices are AWESOME!

Noise: 3/5
Power: 3/5
Waterproof: Yes
Recommended: Yes
Total rating: 4.5/5

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