Thursday, February 7, 2013

Le Reve "3-speed" Bullet

I was recently approached by Adult Sensations, a site that has been online for quite a while. I'd been trying to find more sponsors for my blog, so I jumped on this opportunity.

Adult Sensations offers quite a few products, and their main shipping office is in Canada. If you are Canadian they have a Canadian site, but for us US people there is a .com site, as well. They have a nice choice of high, medium, and low priced toys, so they have something to fit your budget.

I got the Le Reve 3-speed Bullet to review for my first item from them. I mainly picked this toy because I really liked the color and it was pretty low in price range.

The box came in the mail quickly, even though it was coming from another country. There was nothing on it stating that it was from a toy company, and even the shipping address was discreet. This is great, especially since my mum and I now share a PO box.

Inside that box was a cardboard box that resembled an envelope. It  had a small image of the toy on the front and the name of the line. On the back it has a larger picture of the toy and two paragraphs about the features. It comes with no additional instructions.

Inside of the cardboard container there's a plastic, clamshell package holding the toy and the three batteries it comes with. You should use a bit of caution opening this, as the bullet tries to escape.

The bullet itself is really only good for external stimulation. The small tip fits nicely on the clitoris, but it's also good to use on the nipples or a willing penis. This toy is not very good for vaginal insertion and would be AWFUL as far as anal insertion goes. There's pretty much a 100% chance this would get lost up there, and that's not an ER visit you want to make.

I also have an image of the bullet VS my Mia, a higher quality toy that does cost a bit more. I used it because it's a pretty common toy, and will helpfully let people get a better feel for the toy.
This bullet is listed as having 3 speeds, but I've only found that it has one.I tried switching the order and orientation of the batteries, holding the button down, etc. and nothing could get me more than one setting. On a side note, there's nothing on the packaging that says it has 3 speeds, so it may be the site that was misinformed.

The one setting I can get to is pretty strong. It's strong enough that I wish it had a weaker, 'warm up' setting, but I'm also a power wimp.  It's quiet enough that it won't be heard through the door or over the shower, and if you have some background noise like a fan or traffic it can't be heard across the room.

This toy is  100% waterproof. This makes it great to take into the shower or bath, and also makes it very easy to clean. There aren't any ridges or textures that make this tough to clean, you just wipe it and go.

You can wash this toy with soap and water or an antibacterial toy cleaner. Because of the smooth plastic you can easily get away with only washing it after each use. To disinfect this toy you should wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.

In total, this toy isn't awesome, but it doesn't rock. The only thing that makes it stand out in my book is that it comes in my favorite color. If you want something cheap to introduce into a relationship, are looking for a travel toy you won't mind losing, or are looking for a bullet to replace one that broke this might be an okay option.

If you like the sounds of this toy you can find it here at Adult Sensations. If you aren't a huge fan, they still have a wide variety of other toys on their site that I recommend checking out. If you're looking for a dildo, a bullet, or some lubes they really do have a great selection-- AND ship to both Canada and the US!

In total:
Power: 3.5/5
Volume: 1.5/5
Waterproof? Yes
Recommended? Maybe
Rating? 3/5 stars