Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pleasure Bullet Review

This is not as much a sponsored review as a review of the free Pleasure Bullet by Pipedream that I got for signing up for an Our Naughty Secrets account. Mine is pink, and shiny, and adorable! I also would like to point out that I got it in the mail two days after signing up, so they have super fast and reliable shipping. If anyone was concerned about the discretion of their shipping (as I often am,) here's a picture of their shipping envelope.

The bullet itself came in a nonreclosable blister pack. It's not great for storage, but it serves it's purpose and is a great way to minimize waste and not take up a lot of room in your trash can. While it doesn't state what types of batteries this toy takes, it does tell you that it's waterproof. Just an aside, these would be super cute party favors for an 'adult' themed birthday party or a bachlorette party!

The bullet is made of hard plastic. Plastic is nonporous and is super easy to care for, and if you want to disinfect it you can wipe it down easily with a 10% bleach solution. I've used this in the shower before and submerged it to wash it, and neither time did I find any water in the battery compartment. This vibrator is about 2 inches long.

I was concerned when I got this that I would have to run out and try to find it watch batteries, but I was pleasantly surprised that it already came with them. This toy takes 3 watch batteries that go into the base, which unscrews from the body of the toy.

Bullets are intended up be used externally on the clitoris and nipples, and are great for both solo and couple use. I don't recommend them for anal play or insertion. They're a great way to experiment with sex toys or to introduce them into a relationship. While this is a fairly cheap one, Our Naughty Secrets offers a wode variety of prices and quality on bullet vibrators.

This bullet is controlled by a push button base, which is super easy to press. When you press it, the one setting comes on. When you press it again the setting turns off. If you had this in your purse you may want to take the batteries out because the button may be easy to have accidentally go off in transit.

Overall, this is a great, adorable toy.

Loudness- 2.5/5
Power- 3/5
Waterproof- Yes
Price VS Quality- 5/5
Overall rating- 4/5

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