Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Le Reve Dolphin Review

My good friends over at Body Jungle spoil me already, and just to make that point stronger they sent me ANOTHER toy. I picked out the Le Reve Dolphin almost entirely because of the interesting shape, and I feel like I got a bit more than I bargained for.

This vibrator comes in a black cardboard box. It lists the name of the toy and on the front and sides it has giant pictures of the toy itself. On the back it lists a blurb about the toy as well as describes the key features. This box isn't discreet, but it also doesn't have any naked women on it or lewd sayings.

Inside the box, your toy comes in a white insert. It doesn't come with any additional instructions, but between having basic knowledge of how to put batteries in something and what the buttons do, it's fairly intuitive. This toy takes 4 AAA batteries, so you should make sure that you have those on hand or toss some in with your order.

This toy is about 9 inches long altogether, but the insertable portion is about 5.5 inches long. It's also about 4.25 inches around, making this just a bit thicker than most 'standard' toys out there. It tapers off at the tip into what resembles a dolphins nose, but it doesn't have as much of a 'face' as a lot of toys out there.

Here is the Dolphin compared to a Pen

Here is a closeup of the 'face'

This is intended mostly as an insertable toy, meant to stimulate the g-spot. You also can use it clitorally, but I personally found  that it was a bit too big to be easy to maneuver. I would NOT recommend ever using this toy anally. It has no flared base, real handle, or retrieval cord so even though it is quite large it could still get 'lost' inside you and require a visit to the emergency room. The good news is that Body Jungle has a nice selection of anal safe toys for you to hop over and look at.

There are three buttons on the Dolphin: a power button, a vibrations button, and a rotations button. In order to turn any of the settings on you have to first push the power button, and then you press whichever function you want to turn on. The cool thing about this is that you can have it vibrate and rotate at the same time!

Here is a closeup of the button panel

There are four different rotational settings, and they increase in speed. The first one is fairly slow and makes about 1 rotation a second. The second makes about 1.5 rotations a second. The third makes about 2 rotations a second, and the fourth makes about 3 rotations a second.

The vibrational intensity is about a 3.5 out of 5 on the power scale. The settings are as follows:

They are about a 3.5 out of 5 on the volume scale, as well. The can't be heard through a door and are easily masked by the TV or by music, but if you have very thin walls it may be able to be heard if someone was listening for it. The rotational patterns are much quieter, and can't be heard even across the room.

This toy is made of TPR. TPR is slightly porous, so you shouldn't use this toy between two partners unless you want to use a condom over it. The material is fairly shiny and a bit tacky. The tackiness of the material makes this toy a lint magnet and it also means that lube is probably going to be a must when using this toy.

While the Dolphin is marketed as being waterproof, I wouldn't even consider it to be 'splashproof.' The battery compartment isn't super secure, and to make things worse there is no o-ring to keep water from harming all of the electrical bits inside this toy. If you like to play in the bath or shower, this toy is not the one for you.

My main issue with this toy, other than it not being waterproof, is that it's just a bit too long for me. The rotations start about 4.5 inches down the shaft. Most of the time I only insert a toy about 3-3.5 inches, so often I found that the end was rotating outside of my body instead of the tip rotating inside my body. If you often insert toys that far this isn't going to be a problem for you at all, but for someone who likes shallower stimulation I found that the rotations aren't going to work too well for me.

Overall, the Le Reve Dolphin is not worth the steep price tag for me. For only having one (loud) intensity setting and 4 patterns, not being waterproof like it claims, and not being able to use the rotational function because I couldn't insert it far enough, I feel like this is more of a $35 toy than a $50 toy.

If this toy sounds amazing to you (a rotating toy without having to get a rabbit? Woot!) you can find it here on Body Jungle. If this doesn't sound like it would tickle your fancy (maybe you're like me and can't insert toys that far) my friends still have TONS of vibrators for you to peruse and maybe see if there's something else that you'd like to try instead.

Noise level: 3.5/5
Power: 3.5:5
Max. rotational speed: 3 per second
Waterproof? No
Recommended? Maybe

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