Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Toyfriend Mini Rebel Black Review

Because Babeland is awesome, they let me request to review the Toyfriend Mini Rebel Black. I liked the Toyfriend Bubbly so much (you can read my review here) that I thought that the smaller line was at least worth a try. It's a solid toy, but it didn't rock my world.

Like all packages that I've gotten from Babeland, this toy came in a discreet, brown box. The label said nothing about being a sex toy, and it wasn't rattling around or anything. I would highly recommend Babeland as far as discreetness goes, because no one wants their post man knowing when they are getting new vibrators mail-order.

Upon opening the box, I found that this Toyfriend had the same cute packaging that the other two Toyfriends I own came in. The front of the box is almost entirely comprised of a window where you can see your new toy. On the back is some basic information and care instructions, and on the side of the box is the lettering "I vibrate!"

This isn't the most discreet box, but it would still be a fine toy to wrap and give as a gift. It has no naked women or lewd sayings on it, so unless they're shy about the toy itself it's not going to give a bad impression. I really wouldn't recommend storing this toy in the box because it's a LOT bigger than my Mini Toyfriend.

Here's a picture of the front:
And the back:
The toy itself is fairly small, and has a rounded head. I was drawn to this shape over the other Mini Toyfriends because I'm less of a fan of the 'tickler' or 'rabbit ear' style and more a fan of broader clitoral stimulation. Between the three, I feel like one of the shapes will be to your liking.

The Mini Rebel itself is about 5 inches long, but how much of that is insertable is up to debate. Technically you could insert about 4.5 inches and still have enough of the handle to hold on to, so it's fairly short compared to a lot of toys out there.

Girth wise, this vibrator is also 'mini.' It's no wider than an inch around, even at the rounded tip. This is great for people who want to use it for light insertion, and it's also a nice size for external play. If you're a size queen this little guy isn't going to be for you, but if you're looking for something that won't intimidate the user this is certainly a good bet.

As far as using toys anally, I wouldn't recommend this toy. It doesn't have a flared base or a real handle so I can see it turning into a trip to the ER unless you're a very experienced user. The good news is that Babeland still offers a lot of cute toys that ARE anal safe.

The head of this vibrator comes out at a bit of an angle that is a nice shape for insertion, and it's not likely to get caught on your pubic bone like some more drastically curved toys. While it didn't do it for me personally, I think that it just depends on how you're built.

Here's the Rebel VS a pen:
And here's a picture of the head, and of the flexibility:

Being made of silicone this sex toy is nonporous and body safe. Silicone is a great material because it's not going to degrade on you or cause infection. You can also disinfect this toy by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. This should be done every time you switch users in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and infection.

As you can see above, the Mini Rebel really doesn't have a whole lot of give to it. For this reason it may not be the best introduction into insertable toys, but it is nice for external use because you can put a fair amount of pressure behind it.

Now on to the functions. This toy only has one setting, unlike it's larger Toyfriend buddies. The one setting is activated by pressing the button on the bottom, and it is deactivated by pressing the button again. The button isn't in a place where it's easy to press during use, which is always good.

The setting is about 2/5 in power and 1/5 in volume. This is a perfect vibrator if you're needing something that can't even be heard across the room, and it's impossible for anyone to know you're playing with it if your door's shut. On the other hand, the vibrations are VERY weak. They are fairly rumbly, but I personally find myself wanting more and I'm a total wimp when it comes to power.

One nice thing is that this Mini Toyfriend is entirely waterproof. It takes one N sized battery (which is thankfully included) and I haven't found any water in the battery compartment after using it in the shower and submerging it to clean it.

Here is an image of the battery compartment open:

Overall, the Mini Rebel is best for those looking for something small, simple, and fairly weak. It's not going to scare your partner off if you're looking to introduce toys into a relationship, but at the same time I would recommend a toy with several power levels in case you end up wanting them.

If you're really liking how the Mini Toyfriend sounds you can hop on over to Babeland and pick one up for yourself by clicking on this link. If you're thinking that it's going to leave you wanting more, especially for toys in that price range, Babeland offers a whole lot of toys with different shapes, volumes, and intensities.

Power: 2/5
Volume: 1/5
Waterproof? Yes
Recommended? Not really
Rating: 3/5

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